Product director for your IT business for only $200

How can I help you?

  1. Improve key performance indicators every week
  2. Save a lot of money on marketing and development
  3. Make important business decisions in a crisis
Your problems
Probably, you've had some of these problems:
  • 1
    Weak customer retention
  • 2
    Pricey marketing without sales
  • 3
    Lack of interest from investors
  • 4
    Technical issues with product
  • 5
    Development takes a long time
  • 6
    Customers don't buy a product

My solution

As an external product director I can:
Identify current business problems, goals and KPI's
Find appropriate solution by HADI cycles method
Provide all the business services professionals to deliver the solution
Track task progress week by week with my product coaching method
Analyze results and find the best practices for future use
Your results
Management improvements
We will estimate efficiency of your key processes. As a result, we are removing ineffective business processes, save money and time for your team.

Marketing efficiency
We will refine your marketing strategy, sales funnel and unit-economy. As a result, you are reaching more relevant clients without increasing acquisition cost.
Development optimization
We will dive deeper to your customers needs. As a result, your developers are creating really useful functionality, not “features for features“.
Who I already helped
Who am I?
My name is Pavel Belogurskiy, I am a product manager, startup founder and investor. Now I help to launch and scale products and services, both online and offline
Why I am?
  • Expertise in managing REAL businesses
    Not only consulting and air sales
  • Innovative growth-hacking methodology
    Already proved by 150 companies
  • Partnership with all major types of business professionals
    Marketers, developers, lawyers, etc.
  • Ingenuity in problem-solving
    I was a scientist before business
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