Lead generation
app for B2B
Warm leads for your needs
without digital marketing
What business can use it?
We can bring leads for these types of B2B businesses
  • Real estate firms
    We provide access to sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants from all over the world.
  • Software development teams
    If you're looking for new projects — we have a lot of that. Front-end, back-end, mobile, whatever.
  • Law companies
    A lot of people need law support: from business owners to defendants. We can introduce them with your service.
  • Marketing agencies
    SMM, target ads, SEO, content writing — all of these types of projects as well as others.
  • Consulting services
    Business, IT, relocation, investment and other types of requests we can find and send to you.
  • Recruiting companies
    We can introduce you to companies, need help with hiring new people or finding survey respondents.

How to use it?

How does it work?
Sign in the app
Go by the link to the app
Find relevant leads
Look to the list and find leads
Buy the contacts
Add them to cart and pay
Get contacts of the leads
And sell your service

Want to dive deeper?

Discover our product presentation!
How much?
Ask your marketer about average cost per lead and... WOW!
1 test lead
A simple way to test the service. Choose a lead, and get its contact.
Get 1 lead in the app

Contact us!

2 Frederick Street, Kings Cross, London
Company number: 14453088
Phone: +1 484 449 32 63
E-mail: info@prodaway.org
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