Add recipient information
Your data will be used to process transfer to a Russian bank account.
Is my data safe


Is it legal?
Your money will be credited to our wallet via Wert. But your beneficiary will receive money from another Russian bank. So It's completely legal, there are no cross border transfers or sanctions violation.

How long does transfer take?
Usually, we need up to 1 business day to review your payment, buy cryptocurrency and sell it to beneficiary bank account as normal money.

Is it safe?
Your payment are collected and protected by Wert — a financial Estonian company.

How SendNOW will transfer my money?
We will accept your payment in Wert. After, we will transfer the equal cryptocurrency amount to Russia. Then, we will sell the cryptocurrency and credit the fiat money to the beneficiary's card. The process will take 1 business day.

How much beneficiary will receive?
Your exchange rate will be displayed before the transfer. Beneficiary will receive the exact amount you've seen in the site interface.