Money transfers to Russia
Today's problems...
Since the current events has been started, we've introduced with these problems:
Visa/Mastercard not allowed
Cards didn't work as well as money transfers.
Transfer apps doesn't work
Wise, MoneyGram, etc. - nothing work with Russia now.
Swift transfers work badly
Most of Russian banks were disabled from internation Swift system.

How does it work?

Sign in the app
Go by the link to the app.
Add your data
Register with your personal info.
Add beneficiary's data
Add info about your recipient.
Choose amount and transfer.
Receive amount in Russia.

How to use it?

Who what?

There are a lot of purposes for transfers to Russia
Receive sallary
If you're based in Russia and work in international company.
Send money to family
If you've moved abroad, but your family still there.
Pay for freelancers
If your freelancer based in Russia.
Cash out from your company
If you're based in Russia, but your business is outside.
Pay for your previous loans
If you've moved out, but still need to pay.
Our clients say
I transferred €3000, everything went quickly, I received the money in 20 minutes. Thanks!
Received 50 USD thanks a lot!
Alina Dem


Is it legal?
Your money will be credited to our EU bank via Stripe. But your beneficiary will receive money from another Russian bank. So, sanctions are not violated.
How long does transfer take?
Usually, we need up to 1 business day to review your payment, buy cryptocurrency and sell it to beneficiary bank account as normal money. If you need to transfer money immediately, you can use "Fast transfer", and money will arrive within 1 hour. Exchange rate will be lowered.
Is it safe?
Your payment are collected and protected by Stripe — a famous financial U.S. company.
How SendNOW will transfer my money?
We will accept your payment in Stripe. After, we will transfer the equal cryptocurrency amount to Russia. Then, we will sell the cryptocurrency and credit the fiat money to the beneficiary's card. The process will take 1 business day.
How much beneficiary will receive?
Your exchange rate will be displayed before the transfer. Beneficiary will receive about the estimated amount you've seen in "Estimated receiving amount"

Just transfer

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